Call to action from ACT: URGENT! Protest Against Troy Gentry!! 11/13

From Animal Connection of Texas:

Please join Animal Connection of Texas (A.C.T.) for a demonstration against Troy Gentry of Montgomery Gentry!!! They will be performing after a rodeo (that’s right, a rodeo) in Allen, TX. Troy Gentry the infamous tame bear murderer needs to know just how unwelcome he is in Texas. For those of you that have not seen the video, in 2004 Gentry killed a tame bear in an electrified one acre enclosure. Cubby the bear had dental problems and was going to be euthanized, but instead of humanely euthanizing the poor animal Lee Marvin Greenly (owner of Minnesota Wildlife Connection) sold Cubby to Gentry for $4,650, knowing his fate. Cubby was shot in the lung with an arrow and drown in his own blood. I will post the video along with a link to the full story at the bottom. I hope to see you all there, we need a big group for this one!!!

Materials provided, but to be sure we have enough we would appreciate a few more signs if you are feeling creative.

What: Montgomery Gentry Concert Protest
When: Saturday, November 13th. 6:30PM
Where: Allen Event Center 200 E. Stacy Road #1350, Allen, TX 75002. Right in the front of the building where the tickets are sold.

Apparently, Troy did plead guilty to the crime and ended up paying a $15K fine, among other punishments. Take a look at some other information about the outcomes of the lawsuit:

  • Kelly

    What a @!#% LOSER! I will be there!!!

  • Kelly

    It’s on Stacy Road of Stacy Furniture. I don’t know how close the venue is to the furniture store, but what about a sign that says “If you buy a ticket for this animal murderer – you’re burning money!”

    Stacy from Stacy furniture is a big piece of @!#% and his slogan is “if you buy furniture somewhere else – you’re burning money.” Maybe a stretch?

  • admin

    Ha, I get it and that would be kinda funny Kelly.