Product Review – Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso, Now Available in DFW


Nacho Mom’s, a vegan queso brand out of Austin, is now available at Whole Foods stores in the DFW area.

Nacho Mom’s “Ultimate Vegan Queso’s” ultra-smooth consistency and cheesy flavor comes from a mixture of tomatoes, chiles, nutritional yeast, flour, and spices. Over a bowl of tortilla chips, the queso is reminiscent of the sloppy nachos you’d get at a sporting event (without the fat and sadness of the dairy stuff). Overall, it could have used a bit more heat, but we understand they have to cater to a national market that doesn’t have quite the same palate as us Texans.

It would be enough that Nacho Mom’s has produced a great-tasting queso substitute, but the really amazing thing is that a serving clocks in at a meager 10 calories – which is a good thing, as it’s pretty addicting stuff (now if we could only find a low-cal bag of chips we could binge on to go along with it).

You’ll find Nacho Mom’s “Ultimate Vegan Queso” along with its gluten-free vegan partner, “Fire Roasted Queso,” in the chips and salsa isle. Pick up a jar today and let us know what you think!