Brouhaha Brews Over Taco Bell’s Beef

Taco1 Taco Bell is currently in the news – and in hot water – for allegedly selling meat that contains less than 36 percent beef. While an Alabama law firm is asking “Where’s the beef?,” a national animal protection group is calling on Taco Bell to “Think Outside the Bun” and go meatless altogether.

Earlier today, Mercy For Animals sent a letter to Taco Bell Corporation President, Greg Creed, suggesting that the chain solve its legal woes by switching to a “healthy and delicious” vegan meat substitute. Mercy For Animals is a non-profit animal advocacy organization with offices in Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, and New York City.

We believe Mercy For Animals’ proposal has serious merit. Dallas was ranked number four on Men’s Health magazine’s list of the fattest cities in America last year, with other Texas cities flunking as well. Our city is home to an incredible variety of vegan-friendly restaurants, and we think residents would only benefit were Taco Bell to add healthy, convenient, and cruelty-free meal options to its menus.

We caught up with Matt Rice, the New York Campaign Coordinator of Mercy For Animals, and he affirmed that Mercy For Animals is available to help Taco Bell make “the socially responsible switch to a healthy, humane, and honest vegan menu.” He added: “There is simply no better time than right now for Taco Bell to salvage its reputation and tap into a growing market for vegan foods.”

Vegan tacos in Texas sounds pretty amazing to us. So, how about it, Taco Bell?