Demo against the FTW Stock Show & Rodeo

Join Animal Connection of Texas for their final demonstration at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, this Saturday, February 5th. Read on for more information or click here for their Facebook event invite:

From Animal Connection of Texas:

Please join Animal Connection of Texas (A.C.T.) in multiple protests against the world famous Ft Worth Stock Show & Rodeo! They will be celebrating 115 years of animal abuse and exploitation, let’s teach these texans that some barbaric “traditions” should be left in the past. The Stock Show & Rodeo is full of animal abuse of all sorts. Thousands of cows, bulls, calves, pigs, birds, goats, rabbits, horses, (the list goes on) are¬†auctioned/sold to be slaughtered every year at the Stock Show. And many, many others are used and killed for the rodeo. Shocked, whipped, and beaten for entertainment. Rodeo employees use flank straps, tasers, and cattle prods to make horses and bulls buck unnaturally (often leading to fatal injuries). This is the single most famous annual event in Texas, are you going to stand against this stereotypical, stone-age practice of annual mass animal abuse and murder?

Protest Date:
Saturday, February 5th, 6:30 – 8:30PM

Contact: Savanna Batten (817)-584-2503