A Big Week of Publicity for Vegans

It’s been quite a week in Dallas as well as nationwide for publicity of the vegan lifestyle!

Dallas Vegan Bus Tour

It started on Saturday, when DallasVegan.com joined forces with Steven Doyle’s Foodie Bus Tours to present the “Dallas Vegan Bus Tour.” Around twenty omnivores and vegans set to the road sampling some of the best vegan foods Dallas has to offer. For many of the vegans in the group, there was little concern that it would be a day spent enjoying fabulous food with Bliss Raw Cafe, Sol’s Nieto Mexican Grill, and Spiral Diner among the destinations. However, for the omnivores in the group (many of which having never tried vegan cuisine before) the trepidation in approaching the event was apparent. But as the day went on and hesitant stares turned to satisfied smiles, the thought of a day of vegan dining turned out not so bad after all.

While none of the omnivores present changed their minds about eating meat, most at least changed their perceptions of a vegan diet (i.e., there’s more to vegan meals than lettuce and carrots) and learned that being a vegan in Dallas isn’t that far from the realm of possibility.

Check out the following links as tour-goers recap the event:

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Professed meat-eater and blogger on “Beats, Burgers & BBQ” DJ Bryan C shares his experience


Loaded vegan chili-cheese fries from Anvil pub enjoyed on the Dallas Vegan Bus Tour. Slightly out of place in this article, but right at home in our bellies

Oprah’s Vegan Challenge

In addition to notoriety in our local vegan scene, the national public got an hour-long look into veganism when Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire episode to challenging her staff to go vegan for one week. Authors Michael Pollan and Kathy Freston joined Oprah to discuss veganism from an animal welfare, health, and environmental perspective. Some say the show sugar-coated many of the animal cruelty aspects, especially when showing a rehearsed “inside look” at one of the “best of the best” slaughterhouses in terms of cleanliness and technology. All in all, the reaction to the diet challenge from the staff perspective seemed positive – which certainly helps to change the perception of a vegan diet for the better.

Oprah and 378 Staffers Take a Vegan Challenge

What do you think?

While not all reviews of the food and lifestyle were glowing this week, it certainly brought to the forefront the topic of veganism to many that had never heard, let alone understood the term before. Is any publicity is good publicity, or do any disparaging remarks do more harm than good?