Check it out – Mesa in Oak Cliff

We don’t have staff on hand to personally visit all restaurants, but it appears that a new restaurant in Oak Cliff, Mesa, might be worth checking-out. Their menu indicates several “vegetarian” options (presumably many that might become vegan leaving out certain ingredients).

Mesa is slated to open on May 10th. If you check it out before we get to it, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine
118 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite A
Dallas, TX  75208

  • Garry

    Had lunch today at Malai Kitchen in the West Village, Dallas. It’s a Thai restaurant with a modern flair. I met the owner (husband/wife team) and she was unbelievable at explaining to me that most everything on the menu could be made vegetarian or vegan. They will substitute the meat for tofu on everything and their curry sauces are made at the restaurant daily. While the sauces have a chicken or shrimp base, they do set aside a portion of their sauces before adding the chicken or shrimp. The service was unbelievable and they even took care of my dog with water (on the patio). This place is great and the food is fantastic!

  •  Thanks for the tip! I’ve been meaning to check that place out, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

  •  Okay, just ate at another place I thought I’d share – for all you sushi lovers out there! The place is called Naan and it’s located off of Cole and Cedar Springs. They have a vegetable roll (not just cucumber or avocado but a nice selection of vegetables) and also a vegan roll LOADED with vegetables and rolled in soy (or rice-can’t remember) paper. Either way, they are both vegan and very delicious!