UPDATE: Oddfellows no longer vegan-friendly


Vegans who like to wake up early and have a place to grab brunch can rejoice. Oddfellows, located in the hip Bishop Arts district, has a few menu items on their breakfast/brunch menu that are already vegan; Eggless Scramble and the Spudnik Loaded Potato vegan style with vegan butter, sour cream, and mushrooms. After perusing the menu and asking a few questions, we found out that the Migas and Huevo Rancheros can be veganized subbing tofu for eggs. IMG_0614

We went with the scramble, which was rather small but tasty with spinach, Portobello mushrooms, and peppers. The Huevo Rancheros was the favorite; sour supreme smothered between 2 corn tortillas and lightly fried, topped with fried tofu and not-too-spicy ranchero sauce. Why they fried the tofu instead of putting tofu scramble on top I’m not sure. Next time I would ask for tofu scramble. The breakfast potatoes were perfectly done with a hint of fresh rosIMG_0608emary and salt.

Oddfellows is known for their coffee, boasting a $15k espresso machine, and special hand brew method which is fun to watch (the barista declined having his photo taken). Soy milk is available for all drinks. They make a delicious chai latte as well.

It does get busy on weekends so be prepared to wait. We went to dinner here and did not find as many options, but the staff was very helpful in trying to accommodate us. They mentioned they had more choices for vegans but since they weren’t selling they took them off the menu. Let’s show them some love for brunch so those of us who want to eat breakfast food during the week and weekends before 11am have a nice place to chow.




316 W. 7th Street
Dallas, TX 75208



UPDATE: Oddfellows has removed the egg-less scramble from its menu. They are no longer vegan-friendly and not worth the visit. Please call and voice your disapproval of this decision and ask that they bring back a more vegan-friendly menu.

  • my vegan experience here was horrible. i emailed the management staff and received a less than sympathetic response.

  • Sorry to hear that Corey! Thankfully both times I went the staff was very helpful, though service was kind of slow at brunch. 

  • Jan Kent

    The update should read “…its menu..”–not “…it’s menu..”.

    This from a retired English teacher and a veg*n for 56 years.

  • Thanks Jan, I think my disappointment that they took this option away led to my hastily written (and grammatically flawed) update :)

  • We used to frequent Oddfellow’s on Sunday mornings for breakfast – the orders were frequently wrong and took a great deal of time to get to us.  We kept giving them chance after chance to get the orders right.  To the restaurant’s credit, they frequently comped the incorrect items.  While this was nice, we would have been more satisfied with great service and good vegan food.  It’s unfortunate that they are no longer vegan friendly, but we honestly haven’t lost much.  If they do add more vegan items to the menu, let’s all agree that we will have a talk with them about how to cook tofu.

  • Eric

    Done. just fb’ed them about it.