Fourth of July Grilling

Just as winter is a wonderful excuse to throw all of your miscellaneous veggies into a soup pot and experiment away, summer is a perfect time to do the same on the grill.

With the typically grill-intensive July Fourth weekend approaching, I decided to empty the fridge of some random items and came up with, well, quite an interesting dish. Grilled pineapple and tempeh ‘burger’ tacos. Yes, sounds a little strange, but I promise, it turned out quite tasty!

A simple pineapple glaze of tamari and olive oil provided a sweet accompaniment to tempeh basted and grilled with a concoction of Annie’s vegan Worcestershire, liquid smoke, olive oil, smoked pepper, and a cayenne pepper.IMG_3417

Served with grilled Serranos, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and a dollop of vegannaise, this was one thrown-together grilling success that I’ll likely try again (if such random ingredients ever present themselves).




Do you have any random vegan grilling success stories, or July Fourth grilling favorites? If not, this Fourth of July weekend might be the perfect time to start!

  • Have you tried grilled sweet Texas peaches with cinnamon and ice cream? You can’t get better local flavor than that for 4th of July grilling. :-)