BVSTX Luncheon with MFA Guest Speaker


Join the BVSTX for our July Luncheon with a guest speaker on Sunday the 31st, 1:30 PM, New Start Veggie Garden in Dallas. Don’t miss the great variety of dishes and tasty treats that the all-you-can-eat buffet offers for just $7.90 including tax.

Our guest speaker is Amman Desai, intern with Mercy for Animals and a student at the University of California – Berkeley. “My presentation will be focused on the intersection of racism and animal oppression. People of color have largely been focused on civil rights/anti-racist work in this country, but I want to communicate that our advocacy against animal oppression does not mean it needs to detract from our anti-racist stances.”


BVSTx Luncheon with MFA Guest Speaker
Sunday, July 31st
1:30 pm
New Start Veggie Garden
2330 Royal Ln at I-35
Dallas, TX  75229