• I’m not sure how to say the name. Usually when an apostrophe appears directly in between two consonants you pronounce the word as if the apostrophe wasn’t there…but, I’m not sure how to make a “dv” sound with my English pronouncing mouth. duv? div? duhvegan? divegan? davegan? How do they prefer it be pronounced?

  • Carlette

    I went last weekend and ordered the Hủ Tiểu Mì. Delicious. Friendly staff, great staff and yummy food (I tried bits of what a few other people ordered as well).

    I will definitely be back!

  • Savextant

    My fiance & I went here a few days ago. WE LOVED IT! We couldn’t stop thinking about the noodles, it was all soooo good! And the staff was SO friendly! Definitely will be making more stops there in the future.