Spiral Diner Blue Plates – What’s your favorite?

For those of you that haven’t been to Spiral Diner (if you live in the DFW area and this applies to you, get with it!), one of the great things they do is their "Blue Plate Specials," which rotate between the Dallas and Fort Worth stores on a monthly(ish) basis. "Hot" Dogs, the "Festivus" sandwich, Zucchini Po-boys. The list of Blue Plates goes on.

However, one of my favorite Blue Plates is in Dallas right now – the "Fig and Fennel" sandwich. It sounds like an odd concoction (I don’t particularly like figs or fennel), but it just works! As described by Spiral:

"Roasted fennel with grilled red bell peppers, red onions, artichoke hearts and tomatoes served on ciabatta bread with fig preserves and mayo."

What’s your favorite Blue Plate at Spiral Diner?



  • Mark

    I like the Shpadoinkle. If only for the Cannibal: The Musical reference.

  • Around Mardi Gras they had a Po’ Boy with breaded zucchini that was AMAZING!!!

  • The Po’Boy was AMAZING!!! Please make it permanent or bring back soon!!! It was super Delish! ;)  

  • Meredith

    I live for the Festivus Sandwich!

  • The potatoes! Love ‘em!

  • Eddie G

    Meatloaf Sandwich!

  • Evan

    The meatloaf and macaroni month was a big hit with me.  So was the hot dog moth with the Girolami hot dog that had avocado and tomato.  The shpadoinkle fully loaded potato is really good.  I liked the chili month too if only because I could then cross order and get a chili cheese burger.

  • the fig/fennel is my fav, too.

  • Gopi

    Hands down, the best is the Festivus sandwich!