Take DFW Vegan Dining to the Next Level with Foodspotting

25704_385403272979_191851192979_3721943_5251293_nDo you take photos of your food? Do you share them on your Twitter, Facebook, and other social media feeds?

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen snapshots from the Dallas Vegan Roundup Facebook page from various locales throughout the DFW Metroplex. We enjoy posting them and receiving the feedback you give us. The problem is that once they’re posted, they languish in perpetuity without much further relevance, unless happened upon while browsing through old photos.

Enter Foodspotting. Foodspotting is the hottest social media startup that recently passed a significant milestone and is centered around one of the key areas we focus on – food.

What is Foodspotting?

The concept is simple. Go to a restaurant. Order a dish. If you like it, take a pic and upload it to the Foodspotting website (with support for iPhone, Android, and more to come). Foodspotting automatically geotags the pic and makes it available for all to see.

This may seem like a menial task, but the results (if adopted by a large community) could be astounding.

Foodspotting attaches food “sightings” to restaurants, which – when looking for food in a particular location, visually shows you what options are available nearby.

What’s in it for a DFW vegan?

While we strive to provide listings on our site of vegan and vegan-friendly establishments in the DFW area, it’s impossible to capture all of the places that are worthwhile visiting for vegans. One restaurant may look uninviting on the outside, but could have at least one vegan dish that is amazing you might never know about.

When visiting general restaurants around town, if everyone took a snapshot of that great vegan dish you just ate (even if it was “modified” from the menu), we could amass a huge catalog of vegan-friendly options in DFW.

Great! How do I sign up?

It’s a typical social media site, so you probably already know the drill. Login with your Facebook account, link it to your other favorite social media accounts (Twitter, Foursquare, etc.), and start contributing! Be sure to tag your photos with “vegan” so that they’ll show up when searching for vegan food!

  1. Sign up at http://www.foodspotting.com/
  2. Start uploading your Foodspottings and tag them “vegan”

What else is in it for me?

We really want you to sign up and start posting. As an extra incentive, everyone who logs in and follows us on our Dallas Vegan page will be entered into a drawing to win the beautiful book, “Ninety-Five: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs.

Follow us at http://www.foodspotting.com/dallasvegan

Follow us by September 15th, 2011, when the drawing will take place!

  • Hey Jamey – this is a perfect example of how Foodspotting can be used. Thanks for an awesome write-up and for using our platform as a way to document the best vegan dishes in Dallas. We’re gonna help get the word out on our end too!