Fourth Sunday Lunch Meetup at Veggie Garden

From Margaret at VegNod – great chance to support Veggie Garden and their new owners!



Vegetarian Network of Dallas’

Regular Fourth Sunday of the Month Compassionate Animal
and Earth-Friendly Lunch

Sunday, August 28, 2011
Noon to 2 PM

Veggie Garden Restaurant
516 W. Arapaho Rd
Richardson, Texas 75080

Join us at Veggie Garden, which is now under new ownership
(long-time Animal Advocates, Joy and Jeff Vidheecharoen). Please come and show solidarity for the new owners of one of the few vegetarian restaurants in D/FW. They have added new dishes and ensured all ingredients are vegan. Vegetarian restaurants don’t stay in business if we who care about animals don’t support at them.

Even if you have never before come to a Vegetarian Network of Dallas Lunch, you are invited! You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy good company, friendly conversation and an all-you-can-eat, fresh and tasty oriental buffet.

Vegetarianism is an undeniable win:win for animals, the environment, and your health.

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Thanks very much.
Margaret Morin, VegNOD

DISCLAIMER: No animals suffered or died in the making of this delicious lunch,nor was the Earth was polluted or damaged. No human got coronary artery disease (a plant-based diet is the cardiovascular disease reversal diet), cancer, diabetes or any other lifestyle related disease.