And now back to your originally scheduled programming…with your help.

You might have noticed a slight downtick in content the last several weeks. I’ve been pretty busy planning this little event we had this weekend called the Texas State Veggie Fair. Have you heard of it?  Smile

We’d like to get back to bringing you news and information about all-things-vegan in DFW, but we could use a little help. What with planning for next year’s fair, Dallas Vegan Drinks, Meetups, and everything in between, it’s not as easy to keep up as before.

I’d like to think that between the almost 3000 veg and veg-curious people that attended the fair, there are a few interested in helping us continue to bring the community together.

There’s so much going on, with new restaurants popping up, new organizations doing good, etc. If you’ve ever thought about helping out, but wasn’t sure how – this is your chance. You don’t have to be an expert writer, or event planner, or have any special talent in particular – as long as you are passionate about veganism and wish to do all you can to promote it in the community, that is all we need. Please contact me at to learn more about how you can help!