Goji Cafe

All vegan Korean buffet. Bibimbap, sushi rolls, and other tasty items available for lunch or dinner.



  • Anonymous

    Korean buffet style restaurant with bibimbap, kimchi, spring rolls, pumpkin soup, miso soup, vegetable soup, plenty of tvp offerings of Korean, Mexican and American dishes, white and brown rice, sushi, cinnamon drink, lemonade, mushroom tea.

  • Diner

    Veggie Garden is a buffet at lunch ($7.99) but order by menu in the evening. Everything was very tasty. Although we had a late lunch, the food was fresh. Our waiter was friendly and efficient. The owner indicated that it is Korean and Chinese cuisine.
    The bathrooms were clean. It’s far away for us but we will go again! (I believe it is under new ownership).

  • Randy Padorr-Black

    This is a great buffet!!! Food is always fresh, tasty and you feel like you ate something good for your body! I’m into tofu and they always have a lot of choices.

    I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian and eat here at least once a week because of the quality of the food!

  • Kym Chaffin

    this whole site would have actually been helpful if you WOULD HAVE INCLUDED THE ADDRESSES. oh, gee, I guess I get to look them up one by one. thanks.

  • Carolyn Bryant Schaub