Product Review: Pho Soup Base from Pacific Natural Foods

IMG_4384A cold front moved in last weekend, and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere – which means it’s probably here to stay for the next few months. Even though I can enjoy a hot bowl of soup on even the warmest of summer days, this time of year makes sitting down to some great Pho even better.

While some restaurants in Dallas offer great vegan Pho (Café Elite and D’Vegan come to mind), sometimes it’s nice to sit at home in your comfy PJ’s to enjoy a nice meal – which is why I took notice when I saw this Pacific brand Vegetarian Pho soup starter at Whole Foods recently.

IMG_4388The great thing about the soup starter kit is that it minimizes overall cooking time, while still allowing you to customize your Pho “fixins” with fresh ingredients. I decided to fry up some tofu and combine with brown rice noodles, cilantro, jalapeno, bean sprouts, hoisin and sriracha. In less than 20 minutes, I was able to sit down and enjoy a “homemade” bowl of Pho.

The verdict: The Pho base was pretty flavorful. I think it was a bit on the sweet side for me – a bit heavy on the anise – but overall good flavor. I prefer lots of liquid in my Pho, so adding a bit of water and a dash of tamari helped tremendously. Also being able to add as much jalapeno and sriracha is a bonus for me, as I do like it spicy!

For about $15 in supplies, you can easily make four or more servings, so cost-wise, it’s quite economical. If I’m out and about and in the mood for Pho, I’ll probably still go to a restaurant. But for those lazy days you feel like staying in, this is definitely a great option!IMG_4395

  • I saw this at the store recently and thought I’d like to try it. Glad to see someone else had the same idea.  :)

  • Rebecca

    I just made a bowl with this too, and I’m not really a fan. :( the broth is dark and way too heavy on the anise for my taste. It doesn’t really taste anything like the pho I’ve come to love at restaurants.

  • Jamey

    I agree – it’s too heavy on the anise, which is why I watered it down considerably. If you just add a bit of water to the soup base to get to your liking, it will probably start to taste much more like what you are used to. I added water and a bit of tamari, and it turned out great.

    Did you add water to taste?