NFL Vegan and Dallas Cowboy Tony Fiammetta expects return to lineup – Says vegan diet was not the cause

ESPNDallas is reporting that Dallas Cowboys’ fullback Tony Fiammetta, who recently had reported to have adopted a vegan diet for health reasons, expects a return to the starting lineup soon.

Fiammetta had been out of the lineup since news of his veganism broke with what the team called a “mysterious illness,” and were tight-lipped about its causes. Symptoms included nausea and dizziness, which uninformed NFL fans began to speculate were because of his choice of diet.

Fortunately for vegan supporters, Fiammetta indicates in the report that the vegan diet had been ruled out as a cause, and that he is continuing the diet that he feels has helped his performance.

  • Jan Kent

    I hope somebody will suggest soymilk, especially Silk, to him. I haven’t been nauseated in years and find soymilk very soothing to my stomach.