Going Vegan at the Fort Worth Food Park

IMG_4470Last weekend was the opening of the new Fort Worth Food Park – a site dedicated to one of the hottest food trends in the DFW area, mobile food trucks. With a perfect opportunity to sample several trucks at the same time (the park has space for a total of six trucks), we took a trip across town to see what vegan options they provided.

The Park

The food park itself is quite an ingenious way of capturing the essence of the mobile food culture popular in Austin and other cities for years, while keeping within the legal restrictions that make operating such a park problematic in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. One advantage it has to more stationary parks is its ability to bring new trucks in on a daily basis. While some trucks are at the park full time, you’re almost guaranteed to find something new on each visit.

The Food


First, we checked out the Nammi truck, billing its food IMG_4438as “cruisin vietnamese fusion.” Options include a Vietnamese Veggie Tofu Bánh mì sandwich or Vietnamese Veggie Tofu taco. The Bánh mì (vegan without the mayo), is a huge sandwich, full of flavorful bite-sized chunks of marinated tofu served on a fresh baguette, with a generous portion of fresh veggies (cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrot, jalapenos, and cilantro). The taco is made up of the same ingredients using a fresh corn tortilla. Both are equally tasty, so it really just depends on your hunger level at the time.

Yes! Taco

Next, we took a chance to find out if Yes! Taco had muchIMG_4446 in the way of vegan options. Turns out, well, Yes! they did (excuse the bad pun). Not only did they have a vegan refried black-bean taco option, but a stash of off-the-menu soyrizo opened up their options even more. We opted for two black bean tacos, one with added soyrizo, and the other with roasted corn. At a mere $2 a pop, these tacos were not only delicious, but probably the best value out of all of the trucks we’ve seen.

Good Karma Kitchen

Last but certainly not least, we had to save room for Good Karma Kitchen, the all vegetarian and gluten-free truck. As you would expect, their menu offers a wide variety of vegan options, as most items are vegan or can be made vegan.

We started with the Spicy Asian Flatbread, a personal-IMG_4454sized serving of gluten-free pizza crust topped with a tangy Asian sauce that had a big of a sweet + spicy (and fantastic) taste to it. Topped with tiny chunks of marinated tofu, carrots, and Daiya cheese, this was probably my favorite dish. The thought that the flatbread was gluten-free didn’t even cross my mind, as there was no discernable difference from typical flatbread crust.

IMG_4456The gluten-free bread for the BBQ Tofu Sandwich, however, did have a bit of a spongy texture to it. It seemed to overpower the excellent sandwich fillings – barbecue tofu topped with a vegenaise-based slaw and pickle slice. I’d prefer more of the filling and a smaller bun, but overall, still a nice sandwich I would order again.




Despite the rain, I enjoyed the visit to the Fort Worth Food Park (the large seating area with canopies to keep you dry certainly helped). It’s an interesting new addition to the food truck scene, and is definitely worth checking out – not just for the food, but also to get a sense of what the food truck culture is all about.


Fort Worth Food Park
2509 Weisenberger St.
Fort Worth, TX  76107
Thursday, 5pm – 9pm
Friday, 11am – 2pm; 5pm – 10pm
Saturday, 11am – 10pm
Sunday, 12pm – 8:30pm

  • Thanks for coming out to see all of us! We loved having you guys there and we’re always working on new menu items. In your honor…while I couldn’t come up with a southern plate just yet…this weekend we’re going to attempt to roll out a southern vegan gluten-free vegetable pot pie! Our pastry chef is also hard at work this week on making our chocolate dream vegan so that we can provide the incredibly supportive vegan community something new and exciting for dessert!