NorthPark Center Vegan Dining Guide

NorthPark Center is one of the premier shopping centers in the area, and has many vegan-friendly dining options to boot! IMG_4499If you’ve never been to NorthPark Center, you’re missing one of the best shopping experiences in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Not only is it the largest shopping center in North Texas, it’s probably one of the most beautiful – with its vast collection of art donated by the Nasher family (owners and operators of the mall since its inception in 1965). Save time by checking-out these vegan-friendly restaurants on the go while checking off items on your list.


Counter service restaurants

Which Wich

IMG_4485 Which Wich probably has one of the most satisfying veggie sandwiches of all of the sandwich chains. Tons of veggie options, plus the availability of hummus and avocado make leaving off the cheese hardly noticeable. Tip: White bread is vegan, wheat is not.IMG_4493

The Original SoupMan

Add a cup of soup to your sandwich at the Original SoupMan, a soup shop which inspired the famed “Soup Nazi” Seinfeld episode. Asking the Soup Nazi if a soup was vegan would surely have gotten you tossed out on the street – so it’s fitting that the lineup of daily soups clearly indicate vegetarian (a “V” symbol) and/or vegan (the absence IMG_4520of a milk-bottle symbol), making it convenient to order your soup – no questions asked. Tip: The two vegan soups are Mushroom Barley (pictured) and Garden Vegetable. A vegetarian soup is available every day, but not always a vegan one.

Snappy Salads

At Snappy Salads, you can load up your made-to-orderIMG_4494 salad with tons of vegetables and beans – up to 8 additions on the half salad, and 12 for the full – to make quite the filling salad. With a wide array of vegan-friendly dressings, it’s pretty much impossible to get a bad salad. Tip: The Hollywood Steak Dressing is actually vegan, and not just for steak – because it’s pretty darn good.


Don’t leave the mall without dessert from Paciugo. This Italian Gelato chain always has a selection of non-dairy fruit gelato – and sometimes rich, creamy soy-based gelato. Flavors change daily – but there’s always at least a couple of options!


This is pretty much a no-brainer. Chipotle is open now at NorthPark and is very vegan-friendly. All the beans, rice, and veggies are vegan, so go to town (and Guacamole isn’t extra for veggie burritos!). Chipotle is located in the food court near the movie theater.


Sit down service restaurants

P.F. Chang’s

Though it’s not exactly the pinnacle of Asian-inspired food, P.F. Chang’s at least has a decent number of vegan-friendly options on the menu. AccordingIMG_4006 to P.F. Chang’s, most of the options marked as ‘”Vegetarian” are actually vegan. The Ma Po Tofu is a great option, though I prefer the simplicity of Buddha’s Feast – stir-fried vegetables and tofu served with brown rice. Tip: Ask for an empty sauce container and go mad-scientist with all the options – My personal favorite is chili-paste and soy sauce with a hint of hot mustard!

Kona Grill

Kona Grill gets major points for its separate vegan menu with many options to choose from. Favorites 257190_10150198603924021_95440854020_7147372_1024535_oinclude the Vegetarian Roll, Roasted Asparagus Salad, or the Pan-Asian Noodles with tofu – which is the most filling (if a little too-saucy) for me. Tip: If you’re ready to wind-down from a long day of shopping when the mall closes, head to Kona for their “reverse happy hour” in the bar area – they have drink specials and half-price on select appetizers (Vegetarian Roll included).



Seasons 52

Seasons 52 also gets points for their separate vegan menu with appetizers, salads, mains, and desserts to choose from. As the name implies, Seasons 52 rotates their menus with the change of seasons, so there’s almost always a new twist on the vegan offerings. The winter menu of 2012 includes a “Vegetarian Tasting” dish with quinoa salad, black bean soft taco, cedar-roasted tofu, and assorted grilled vegetables – very tasting. All menu items are under 475 calories, so you’ll feel okay to indulge in their extensive wine list (check out for vegan friendly wines from the menu!).

photo 4


Green House Market

Newly opened Green House Market offers a wide selection of sandwiches, soups, and other good stuffs that are clearly marked as vegan. The Portobello Mushroom sandwich may sound a little “blah,” but I promise you, it is quite amazing! They after beer/wine and are next to the movie theather, so perfect for a quick bite before a show.

  • Shannon

    Thanks!  I turned down a trip to Kona Grill the other day because I didn’t think they had any vegan food.  Now I know to ask for the vegan menu!! 

  • Jamey

    Yes Shannon, it’s definitely worth the trip if you’re there. Skip the Oriental Salad though, it’s just a bunch of raw cabbage with a side of dressing – very strange (unless a plate full of raw cabbage sounds good to you!).

  • Lisalipton33

    we had vegan sushi there…yum

  • Anonymous

    thanks so much for this!! we’re going to be at the mall for a decent amount of time tomorrow and I’ll probably have to feed my kids while we’re there. It was getting tedious searching for vegan options at each individual restaurant.

  • That’s great to hear Aldousmom! Also, we need to add Paciugo Gelato to the list – they always have a few non-dairy flavors, so you can also have dessert!

  • TT

    A couple of things from Auntie Anne’s is vegan!

  • JS

    Actually, my parents used to frequent PF Changs, but came to find out that those “vegan” options were not actually vegan.  There is only one meal option that is actually true vegan sadly. 

  • PeterKenneth24

    Well done with the post..