Eggless Vegan “EggNog” Review

A few years ago, the notion of vegan eggnog was a wild new concept. Fast-forward to today, and there now are several to choose from. So we did a little taste test to help guide you in the right direction this holiday season.

First off, a disclosure – I never liked “real” eggnog that much. The thought of eating a glass of raw eggs was a little gross before going vegan, much less now. As such, these opinions are more about what these drinks taste like, as opposed to their similarity to “real” eggnog.




SO Delicious Coconut Milk Nog

SO Delicious has the consistency of the real-deal. It’s heavy, creamy texture is almost a little too thick, but that actually makes it the best for mixing with liquor (which is the original point of this beverage anyway, right?). It also has the “frothy” feel that’s familiar to the original.

Rice Dream Rice Nog

Rice Dream is the most watery of the bunch (which seems to be the case for rice milk in general), so it’s easily drinkable all by itself. It does have pinkish tint to it which seems a bit odd, and does throw off the overall presentation – but the flavor is quite good, although a bit on the sweet side.

Earth Balance Soy Nog

Soy Nog fits right in between the Rice Nog and Coconut Nog in terms of consistency. It’s sweetness is much more subtle compared to the Rice Nog. This nog was well suited for smoothies (frozen banana + Soy Nog + hand full of spinach = YUM).



Coconut Nog, Rice Nog, Soy Nog (left to right)

Verdict: I’d say they’re all great – it just depends on what you’re wanting it for:

  • For an easy-drinking, refreshing treat on its own – Rice Nog.
  • For a bit thicker (and less sweet) of a drink, and to experiment with in recipes – Soy Nog.
  • For the classic holiday party drink (i.e., spiked with Brandy and fun times) – Coconut Nog.
  • Njh618

    Silk’s Nog is amazing, too