Product Review: Sol Cuisine Breakfast Patties


Vegetarians have long since had many options for faux breakfast meats, with Morningstar being a longtime leader with their veggie patties. However, for a completely cruelty-free vegan option, few exist. For breakfast patties, a popular option is using Lightlife’s Gimme Lean ground sausage – however, it’s not always the most convenient.

Enter Sol Cuisine’s Veggie Breakfast Patties. These are pre-formed patties sold in the frozen-foods aisle, which make them quick and easy to pop in a frying pan for a few minutes to prepare.

The flavor and texture on its own is quite good – certainly rivaling that of Morningstar’s non-vegan option. Add a dash of of pepper and cayenne to taste – and these meatless patties are an easy win for vegan breakfast lovers everywhere. Available at most Whole Foods stores in the area.


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