Vegan Club at UTA

The Vegan Club is a student organization at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA).

Their group’s Facebook page describes the Vegan Club’s purpose:

Our purpose is to promote the varying aspects of veganism in a positive manner. We aim to inform the public about veganism and its impact on animals, human health, and the environment. We hope to disprove the negative stereotypes about veganism in our efforts; we are not an elitist group and we accept all members who want to learn, vegan or not.

Our club provides a community for vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious students; it is a place for discussion & support! We intend to offer opportunities for students to experience new varieties of food and food preparation that focus on a plant-based diet.
We want to inspire people to think more about the impact of their choices.

  • Again, a vegan diet is not required for membership; we encourage everyone to join!
    Our activities will include:
    Tastings & potlucks
  • Socials at vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants
  • Movie nights (both documentaries and fun movies)
  • Petitions for more plant-based meals at UTA (making suggestions to Dining Services for improvements)
  • Volunteering at vegan outreach events/leafletting
  • Farm Sanctuary visits
  • Bake sales & food sales
  • Cooking classes
  • Whatever you want to do that is related to promoting the benefits of veganism in terms of health, environment, or animal rights! We also have a bunch of foodies in the group so we are always up for anything that is vegan food related.


Email or visit their Facebook group for more details.