Product Review: Quorn Vegan Burgers


Earlier last month, news hit about Quorn releasing their first vegan burger product. A vegetarian favorite of many with their chick’n and other vegetarian burgers, Quorn has long been off of the vegan radar, as most products contain eggs and/or dairy. So when I saw the new product at Central Market, it was something I had to check out!

Problem was, being the middle of December, it never really felt like burger weather – until this past week when highs got near 70. I figured it was a sign to break out the grill and test them out!

First impressions – the Quorn products are rather odd in that they come loose in the box without any additional plastic packaging – which for environmental waste could be considered a good thing, but doesn’t seem like it would help with freshness. In any event, the burgers didn’t seem to suffer from any freezer-burn issues, so no harm done.

IMG_4642The burger itself is pretty tiny – the thin patty didn’t quite cover my medium-sized Whole Foods bun. Of course once you add the fixins, it’s still a filling burger – just be prepared to have a few burgerless bites of bun before you’re finished. It did hold up well to the grill, which is how I prepared it – though pan frying may be a better option to help retain some moisture.

Quorn products are typically known for their extreme similarity to the product it’s trying to imitate – these burgers are no exception. No pretense of “veggie” in this burger – it’s possibly the closest thing you’ll get to a “burger” without the cruelty. The texture is very meaty, and its smoky flavor is complimented well with an appropriately provisioned sandwich (here with tomato, avocado, spinach, Vegenaise, and ketchup).


Overall, I’d certainly say Quorn is worth the purchase if you’re looking for a truer “burger” experience – though some would probably prefer the “veggie burgers” offered by Amy’s brands. These will definitely make it into my burger rotation once summer comes back around.


Side note: There’s apparently some controversy surrounding one of the main ingredients in Quorn products – “mycoprotein.” I won’t get into the pros and cons, but feel free to read up on it here.

  • Morningstar Farms just came out with a Vegan Pattie. Now I don’t ever buy their products, but I noticed that in the freezer when shopping and it piqued my interest. Do you have any input on that product? Just curious if anyone has tried it and if it is truly vegan.

  • Actually haven’t seen the Morningstar Farms vegan burger yet…we’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

  • Tater

    I agree. Much better than morningstar or the others out there. This product actually tastes like a burger. Target is carrying the full line of Quorn products and have recently expanded the selection. Enjoy! :)

  • Sawritu

    we have been having quorn chicken nuggets for over two years. but lately they have a strong smell of egg when you heat them. the package says new and inproved but i am finding it difficult to eat them

  • scottbutane

    Bad packaging. They put 4 of ‘em in one plastic envelope. No reason to buy them.