‘Dallas’ T.V. star Larry Hagman goes vegan

There’s been a flood of celebrities we’ve heard about going vegan the last few weeks (the Williams sisters and Al Sharpton were the latest), but this recent news hits home right here in Dallas.

courtesy UK Daily Mail

Larry Hagman, known best for his role of “J.R. Ewing” in the hit T.V. series ‘Dallas,’ recently told the UK Daily Mail about going vegan to help recover from a cancer diagnosis. Hagman was quoted as saying “I’ve become a bit of a vegan nut but I believe it’s kept me strong.”

DallasVegan.com is certainly proud to share the name “Dallas Vegan” with Larry Hagman…let’s hope his success is seen by others as to what amazing things a vegan diet can accomplish.

Read the full story from the Daily Mail here.