Checking out Mesa in Oak Cliff

IMG_4711Last weekend we checked out Mesa in Oak Cliff – which, according to Teresa Gubbins of Pegasus News, was one of the 10 biggest Dallas-Fort Worth restaurants in 2011. I’ve been eyeing the place ever since their opening in May, given their clear indication of vegetarian (and gluten-free) items on the menu. But were they vegan-friendly?

Before answering that, let’s talk about the restaurant itself. Tucked into a nondescript strip shopping area on Jefferson in Oak Cliff, you wouldn’t be wrong for questioning what you were getting yourself into. But one look at the flashy, yet sophisticated marquee and you feel a little better about your decision. Inside is a quaint, cozy, and vibrant atmosphere you come to expect from trendy places in the nearby Bishop Arts area of Oak Cliff.

Now back to the food – our server let us know that most items marked with a (v) could be made vegan – which was welcome news. On this visit I started with the Chileatole Verde con Bolitas, a flavorful mix of vegetables with a hint of spice and generous helping of tender masa dumplings.


Next, I had the Tamal de Frijol y Platanos Rellenos, a black bean tamale served with a side of fried plantains. The tamale is probably the most perfectly textured one I’ve ever had – it holds its shape well without being overdone, yet melts in your mouth with a perfect melding of masa and black bean flavors. The accompanying salsa verde had a pleasant kick, and the black-bean sauce paired well with the perfectly cooked plantains.


With a vegan-friendly menu, hip atmosphere, and overall cool vibe, Mesa is definitely a welcome addition in the Dallas Vegan dining scene!


118 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite A
Dallas, TX  75211