Vegan Pizza at Urban Crust in Plano

Urban Crust in Plano’s “Pizza of the Month” is the Verdure Fresche. According to Urban Crust:

This vegan creation is made with 100% whole wheat pizza dough and topped with sun dried tomato pesto along with a delectable combination of wood fired vegetables including spinach, portabella mushrooms, rapini and caramelized onions. If these veggies don’t do it for you, feel free to ask your pizzaiola to throw any of your favorite vegetables together to make your perfect vegan pizza.



It’s great to see restaurants offering vegan options – show your support and let us know how it is!

Urban Crust
1006 E. 15th Street
Plano, Texas 75074

  • Fred


  • Jenn

    We went last Friday night, so good, even my non vegan hubby liked it.