Product Review: NuGo Nutrition Bars

January is coming to close, and it’s time to assess the status of your New Year’s Resolutions. Did you resolve to work out more – providing fuel for your body with proper nutrition? We’ve found a product to help with continue that resolution, while indulging at the same time.

Though NuGo Nutrition bars are sold with the typical energy bars (think Cliff and PowerBars), you’d be forgiven for wondering why they aren’t in the candy aisle – though not for the nutritional aspects. These bars are packed with healthy elements found in most “power” bars – 10 grams of protein, 30 grams of carbs, and other helpful nutrients for energy – especially good for post-workout recovery.

The reason for second guessing NuGo’s healthfulness is the rich, decadent chocolaty coating on the “NuGo Dark” and “NuGo Organic” product lines. Despite its comparatively low sugar level, NoGo bars satisfy that craving for a sweet treat you’d easily mistake for a run-of-the-mill candy bar.

Though some reward themselves by splurging on a not-so-healthy snack after a hard workout, NuGo allows you to reward yourself while fueling your body with what it needs to recover.

Not all of NuGo’s products are vegan. However, most are – and are clearly marked on the package. The “Dark” an “Organic” lines are the ones I’ve tried most recently.


All NuGo lines use brown rice crisps as the inside composition of the bar. But it’s the chocolate outer coating that make the bars. The coating is thick, not what you would expect in a bar also wanting to be “healthy” – which accounts for its satisfying taste. The Organic Dark Chocolate Almond is one of my favorites in the “Organic” line.


In the “Dark” line, the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt will blow your mind. The bar contains a pretzel-brown rice core, coated with rich, dark chocolate – topped with the perfect amount of sea salt to create the ultimate sweet and salty combination.


NuGo Nutrition Bars are available at most Whole Foods Stores – add them immediately to your list of go-to foods for working out, meal replacement, or just delightfully tasty snacks!