New Restaurant News: Loving Hut opening new branch in Addison, TX


We’re excited to hear that Loving Hut, the international vegan super-chain, is working on a new branch in Addison, TX at 14925 Midway Road. This will mark the second location in North Texas, the first being in Arlington.

Most Loving Hut locations have a section of Asian-inspired menu items such as rice dishes, spring rolls, and other Asian favorites. But each will typically have signature dishes unique to that location (Arlington has a Mexican Seitan Wrap and Quesadillas). We’ll be interested to find out what the Addison location has in store!



pictured: Loving Hut Arlington (above), “Earth Lover’s Sandwich” (below)
  • cleia

    awesome! can’t wait!

  • mommabear

    When is it scheduled to open?

  • Not sure. I took at the location today, and I think they’re taking over an existing Asian restaurant that has all the equipment/furniture in place. It doesn’t look like they’ve actually done any construction yet, so it will probably take some time for them to do a makeover and give it the Loving Hut “look.” But it shouldn’t take as long given that it’s already a restaurant.

  • Pn101101

    I think i know.i asked owner today.
    they gonna open next they’re printing the menu and sign.
    i’m  waiting for the burger and soup noodle.because they do all the patties by themself.
    also they have lunch buffet almost 20–30 dishes and changed everyday.

  • thanks for the scoop!

  • nice

  • My comfort food is Asian food like spring rolls. I didn’t
    know that Loving Hut serves Asian food. I think I should visit there someday to
    try if they are good in making spring rolls.

  •  Even though I am not a vegetarian I still dine in some vegan
    restaurants. That sandwich looks nice and I like the leafy part.  I feel healthier when I eat vegetable dishes and
    I guess I am going to be a vegetarian soon.