Product Review: Boomerang’s Aussie Pies


I’ve always been a lover of pot-pies, though vegan options are quite scarce – which is why Boomerang’s Aussie Pies, a company out of Austin, caught my eye recently at Whole Foods in the frozen foods section.

Though not presented exactly as a pot-pie, these are described as “Handheld Aussie Pies,” given their shape and propensity for being eaten easily without a fork. They did, however, have the same flaky crust you’d expect from a pot-pie, so my expectations were high for a pot-pie-ish experience.

I’m usually skeptical of frozen meals, as many never turn out quite as good as they appear on the box – especially when microwaved. Though Boomerang’s suggestion of nuking for 3 minutes, then baking for 3 seemed like it might help things out.


Boomerang’s offers two vegan pies – the Curry Veggie and Thai Veggie, of which I opted for the Thai. The Thai Veggie pie exited the oven quite crispy and flaky on the outside. On the inside, big chunks of tender veggies are flavored with a mildly sweet sauce with a subtle peanut flavor and just a tinge of spice. Often times veggies end up degrading into a pile of indiscernible mush in frozen dinners, but these veggies held their own – especially aided by the water chestnuts which offered a crisp texture on the inside.


I haven’t tried the Curry pie yet, but from the outcome of this version, I can certainly say I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one. Boomerang’s Aussie Pies are a great option for a quick meal or snack, on the go or otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Those look good! What’s the nutrition info look like?

  • Good question…per pie (6 oz), it looks like this: 360 calories, Total Fat 17g, Carbs 45g, Protein 7g

  • Nancy

    Oh, dang, these look good.  And the nutritional values look very good

  • Moo

    Nutritionally they’re crap.  But all of their pies are tasty (I’m an omnivore) and they’re a nice bunch of people.

  • Mishie

    The curry pie is delish!

  • annie bee

    Tried these pies and they are only average. The crust is VERY tough and filling is just okay.