Dallas Vegan Tex-Mex Matrix

Let’s face it. Here in the DFW Metroplex, Tex-Mex restaurants are like Starbucks Coffee, there’s one (or more) on every corner. The great thing about Tex-Mex restaurants is that they all offer relatively the same (potentially) vegan options – chips, guacamole and salsa, beans and rice plus tortillas, veggies, and sauces. All of these can be combined to make various tacos, burritos, enchiladas and the like.

The problem is that for any given restaurant you can never be sure that any of those options are vegan without asking first (rice = chicken stock, beans = lard, tortillas = dairy, etc). With that in mind, we’ve started a list of Tex-Mex restaurants that have been asked the question – "is it vegan?" – to make it easier for you! The list is certainly a work-in-progress and we hope to add to it and continually update with your input!

Note #1: Things can change at any time in the restaurant industry and we can’t guarantee it will always be 100% accurate. Please use this as a guide and when in doubt, ask.

Note #2 about the list – if a cell is empty, it means we’re not for sure or that particular item hasn’t been asked about – not necessarily that there aren’t any options.

Note #3 – always ask for “no cheese” (unless the place has vegan cheese). Even if the beans, rice, and everything else is vegan, most Tex-Mex places will put cheese on everything – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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  • I’ve asked, and the black bean adobe pies at Blue Mesa are also vegan.

  • @facebook-8374581:disqus I would double check that – the adobe pie contains cheese inside, and I’m pretty sure they’re pre-made. The Corn Cake that’s made with the same masa-base is vegan, but not the pie.

  • La calle doce, will make veggie fajitas for you if ask. They are not on the menu but are served and quite delicious with some grilled onions, broccoli, and the standard fajita veggies.  You will want to ask for corn tortillas, and no cheese or sour cream on the side boat. They also have a great salad that is on the menu, Ensalada Fresca which is a blend of 3 lettuces, tomato, avocado, w/spicy cilantro vinaigrette (muy delicioso).  Thanks for the list!

  • Thanks @facebook-16716722:disqus , the Ensalada Fresca sounds wonderful! What about rice and beans – are any of those vegan? And also the spinach enchiladas – can those be vegan?

  • Janna

     Don’t forget BEE! went there
    last week, to DIE for vegan enchiladas, there’s 3 filling choices, 3
    sauce choices, the vegan beans and rice are great and with quac, salsa,
    chips, it’s a FEAST http://bestenchiladasever.com/bee-menu/

  • Janna

     thank you so much for this list, you’ve read my mind about needing more options… Spiral Diner has some great mexican choices – Nachos Supremo are the BEST and on lighter days I get the mexican black beans and quinoa with the chip & dip party :D

  • Danielle

    Didn’t see these two on the list, and they’re both craveable:
    1) Mi Cocina: their Enchiladas Modern are filled with spinach (ask for no cheese) and topped with their Latin Stir Fry vegetables (squashes, mushroom, poblano peppers). Comes with a side of white rice.
    2) La Margarita (off Belt Line in Irving just north of the mall): they will sub spinach for chicken or cheese in their mole enchiladas, and you can get their grilled veggies (chayote squash and onions) on the side instead of beans. I could eat those every day.

  • Guest

    At Cantina Laredo, I almost always get their Guacamole salad and ask to have extra black beans instead of chicken.  Delicious!

  • Sarah

    I’m so glad I found this!!! I’ll be checking out hacienda on henderson really really soon! I usually just hit up mi cocina since there’s one close to me but I’ve been dying to try something new!