Capriotti’s sandwich shop expanding to Dallas – has vegan options?

We read on SideDish today that Capriotti’s, a huge sandwich shop chain, is adding their second DFW store in downtown Dallas (their first is in Plano).

A quick check of their online menu listed several vegetarian options, including Veggie Turkey, Vegetarian Cheese Steak, and Veggie Cheeseburger – promising?

However, we got a quick response to an email from their corporate headquarters that the only truly vegan product is the Veggie Cheese Steak (which we’re a bit skeptical about).

Does anyone have any knowledge of Capriotti’s, or has anyone been to the Plano store?

  • Meiah

    I visited Capriotti in Plano at 4021 Preston Rd and there were 2 Vegetarian & 2 Vegan options. I ordered the Vegetarian Cheesesteak.  They used Morningstar Farms. I was a bit disappointed to see that they use “MF” as I use it myself to cook meals. But “MF” is a brand that I trust for Vegan Meats.  I added onions, peppers, mushrooms to my sub.  I had everything on it. The sandwich was really big for the price.  I believe it was a 9 inch sub and I got the smallest one.  It tasted a bit bland although it was loaded with onions, cheese, peppers and mushrooms.  I had to add some sea salt I had on hand at home.  I notice they had 2 large grills when I was there.  I asked them if they were going to grill my Vegan chicken & veggies on the same grill as the meats.  The guy told me that they use 1 grill for meats and the other grill for veggies and Vegan choices.  I hope that is the truth.  I told them I was a Vegetarian and would do a review of my visit.  I stood at the counter and watched as the prepared my sub.  Overall it tasted okay.  I do love to cook and I know it is something that I can make at home.  Not sure if I will return but the facility was nice and clean. It was crowded when I visited on last month. I give my Vegetarian Cheesesteak a scale of 7 out of 10.