Book Review: Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran

Main Street Vegan

Victoria Moran, health coach, motivational speaker, and all around awesome woman, has published a new book available today (April 26) – Main Street Vegan: Everything You Need to Know to Eat Healthfully and Live Compassionately in the Real World. It’s hard to believe how much information about veganism is packed into this one easy to read book (did I mention she’s a prolific author as well?).

Main Street Vegan gives aspiring vegans a host of information about all of the aspects of veganism by dispelling myths and rumors associated with going vegan and making the approach to going vegan seem much more plausible to even a hardcore meat eater. Moran cleverly does this through a series of 40 short essays ranging in a variety of topics from the debunking the protein myth to how to strategies on making the switch.

The great thing Moran does with Main Street Vegan is never talking down to the reader, acknowledging that going vegan is not the easiest of tasks. She lays out simple methods for dealing with almost every situation, and encourages the reader not to get stressed out if things don’t always go quite right.

Current vegans can also benefit from Main Street Vegan, as it discusses products, iPhone apps, and additional resources I’ve never heard of (as a vegan of 6+ years). In addition, a recipe accompanies each chapter, so there really is a little something for everyone.

The next time I have someone ask me for resources on going vegan, Main Street Vegan will be one of the top books on my suggestion list.

Meet Victoria Moran next Thursday in Dallas

Meet Victoria Moran next Thursday, May 3rd at the Barnes and Noble at 5959 Royal Lane in Dallas. She’ll be giving a presentation and book signing. We’ve heard Victoria is an amazing speaker, and can’t wait to hear her message in person! Click here for more event information.


  • Charmedlifelady

    Jamey – Thanks so much for the glowing review! I look forward to meeting you and (hopefully) a whole bunch of Dallas vegans at Barnes & Noble on Thursday. All the best,