My Dog Ate at Loving Hut Last Night

Okay, not exactly. Loving Hut, the largest international vegan food chain, has released a new line of dog food named Lively Doggie. Available at the Loving Hut in Addison (14925 Midway Road, Addison, TX 75001), the new line of pet products also includes doggie treats – also carried at the Addison location.

IMG_5449The vegan dog food comes in a 2kg (4.4lb) bag of small, round kibbles suitable for most sizes of dogs. At $16 per bag, it’s a little more expensive than comparable vegan dog foods on the market, though the convenience of not having to wait for shipping might be worth it in a pinch.


The food was approved by Max, as he chomped down with reckless abandon (note the bits of kibble strewn about the floor).


So next time you’re in Addison, grab a bite for yourself, then grab a bite for your pups to go!

  • Diannaw

    I am a vegan, but dogs are carnivores. Please do some research before buying a food that will eventually kill your dog!

  • There’s plenty of information to suggest that dogs can in fact live long and healthy lives on vegan dog food – so thanks for your comment, but I’ve done my research.

  • Isabella

    Dogs can thrive on vegan food. Quoting from p.31 of the book “Vegan Dogs: Compassionate Nutrition” (downloadable at “The most important principle to understand here is that dogs do not have specific ingredient requirements; they have specific nutrient requirements…Every single nutrient that a dog requires can be achieved without any animal ingredients whatsoever.”

  • Isabella

    Excuse me for the broken link. Reposting the URL to the ebook on vegan dog nutrition: