Food Revelation

Vegan chef Gail Blair offers cooking classes, consultations, and a number of other services designed to offer healthy vegan food for everyone. More info from her website:

Food Revelation is the inspiration of Gail Blair, a self-taught, plant-based chef in the McKinney area.   The Revelation is – God has provided the perfect tool kit for disease prevention and healing and it comes from one of our greatest pleasures in life – FOOD!  No Modification Required…. And, what’s good for our health – Is good for our planet!

The Mission – To help as many people as possible make the food and health connection.

The Hope – To end the cycle of disease in this country by making the shift to a plant-based diet.

Gail’s Motto – The taste buds don’t care if it’s plant or animal, as long as it’s delicious!

Services Include:
    *Pantry & Fridge Make-Overs
    *Private and Group Cooking Classes
    *Seminars and Workshops
    *Personal In-Home Chef Services
                  And More…..



Visit the Food Revelation website at or contact Gail Blair at (214)770-1925 or by email at