• bucha bill

    I have made this wonderful dish about a dozen times since i saw her make it on the show. Lentils are a big part of my diet as they are a great protein source and so very nutritious. It’s also an amazing spicy soup to make during the wintertime, and so very yummy! I do crock mine for about 6-8 hrs on low, i also keep it cheap by using spring water with a teaspoon of vege-sal instead of broth. Tastes the same but is about $16 cheaper to make (when using organic ingredients) Big deal to me!

    We all call it Sue Ellen’s Soup around my house, I take it to vegan potlucks and label it as so, People that remember are like, “Sue Elllen from TV?” ..yes!
    I inform them that she’s back, beautiful, and vegan!

    Last fall I took it to a vegan chili contest, labeled it as “moroccan red lentil chili” and won! Thank Linda! I’ll probably make it forever now and I’d love to see more shows with the spirited, wise, stunning, Linda Gray cooking! Thank you for sharing!
    Ohio loves Dallas! ..i’m making sure of it!
    RIP Larry, you’re everywhere