Max’s Wine Dive promotes…Meatless Mondays?

maxWhile it may seem a bit counter-intuitive to a business famously known for its fried chicken, Max’s Wine Dive recently announced a “Meatless Monday” initiative to highlight their veg-friendly options. Reads the press release, “Improve your health, help the environment and give your wallet a break by choosing a veggie dish at MAX’s Wine Dive every Monday from 4 to midnight.” In addition to a $14 meatless special (which may or may not be vegan), all vegetarian dishes are 25% off during this time.

While they only have a couple vegan options, it’s interesting to see this kind of thing going on at a place you would least expect it. Vegan options include:

  • Arugula & Peach Salad  – served with peach vinaigrette and Texas pecans
  • Yellow Squash Soup – creamy squash scented with saffron

As with any restaurant, you’ll want to let your server know you’re vegan and to make sure no errant cheese or other animal products sneak their way onto your dish. You might let them know how you’d appreciate a Chick’n Fried Seitan one of these days!


MAX’s Wine Dive
3600 McKinney Ave, Suite #100
Dallas, TX 75204

  • aerin

    The crazy thing is Max’s wine dive in Austin has tons of vegan/vegetarian options…such a bummer that the Dallas location does not…Boo!

  • Jeff Solomon


    Sorry our response is late, but better late than never! When we launched our new Fall/Winter Menu we now have 6 Vegetarian items at dinner (roughly 25% of our total menu items) and we also still offer a unique $14 Meatless Monday Item which always vegetarian and sometimes vegan! Thanks for the post and we look forward to seeing you again soon!