Vegan First Look: True Food Kitchen opens in Preston Center

As if Preston Center wasn’t already vegan-friendly enough, the area got another boost with its newest restaurant, True Food Kitchen. A product of Dr. Andrew Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet, the chain from California opened its seventh location in Dallas on November 19th. While the restaurant is not exclusively vegan/vegetarian, the fact that there is at least one vegan option in each section of the menu is impressive (if only all restaurants would do that!).

For starters, the Shiitake and Tofu Lettuce Cups was a satisfying beginning to the meal, though it could have used some sort of spicy Sriracha or something (I guess they don’t know we like our food with a little kick).

For my main dish, I was excited to try the “Andy’s Favorite TLT” – a Tempeh, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, and Veganaise sandwich. Not that I haven’t made something almost exactly like it at home before, but just being able to order something like that from a restaurant. While it’s not necessarily a mind-blowing rendition of a TLT, it’s certainly a great option that I hope non-veg people will give a shot.

Though I had been pleased with the menu up until then, I didn’t really expect much in the way of a dessert (with visions of the requisite “fruit cup” that many restaurants have as the vegan dessert option in my head). Much to my surprise, a lovely Squash Pie was available, along with a Chia Seed Pudding and vegan Sorbet. The Squash Pie was a tasty treat reminiscent of (if not indistinguishable from) pumpkin pie – and came with a homemade whipped coconut cream topping (take that, fruit cup!).

True Food Kitchen is perfect for “mixed groups” when not everyone is vegan, as well as enjoying a nice dinner with a glass of wine. With other options available that I didn’t explore (including a Tofu-Scramble Wrap for brunch), it will certainly be a restaurant to add to the rotation!


  • Nia

    Ooooh, I love any place with a brunch option!

  • Crystal Gable

    Have you heard of any Vegan places in DFW open on Thanksgiving?

  • James Scott

    The one place I know that is always open is Kalachandji’s. They always have a (mostly) vegan buffet. Reservations are required, but it’s quite delicious and worth it!

  • Crystal Gable

    Thank you!

  • amee

    I just checked this out last night and loved it. Too many things to try. I ended up getting a soup, appetizer, salad, and dessert, but next time i might try their pizzas or the sandwich you mentioned. I was overwhelmed by options actually! I really liked the decor and crowd…i didn’t feel that it was soooo park cities…you know?