Libertine Vegan Beer Dinner – Wednesday, Jan 8th

The Libertine’s first monthly beer dinner of 2014 will also happen to be its first vegan beer dinner of 2014 (how convenient for us!). On Wednesday, January 8, The Libertine will offer a deliciously-sounding 5-course menu paired with local vegan-friendly Texas beers.

Over the years, The Libertine has progressively improved the offerings at their beer dinners, and we can’t wait to see how things turn out this time. Those that were there for the last beer dinner were lucky enough to have their house-made Tempura-battered Seitan, a dish that made its way onto the regular menu shortly thereafter.

Here are some more details from The Libertine:

Ever since being approached by back in April of 2011, The Libertine Bar has regularly hosted a Vegan Beer Dinner, every time with overwhelming response.

5 Beer Dinners & multiple meet up events later they are hosting their 6th Vegan Beer Dinner and first for 2014. Even better, all beers featured are not just vegan but local Texas brews too!
Head Chef Roe DiLeo, Certified Cicerone and Bar Manager Mate Hartai along with GM and avid Vegetarian Bevin Maloney have created the following menu.

  • 1st course: Crabless cakes with artichoke & arugula salad. Paired with Lakewood Rock Ryder.
  • 2nd course: Smoked parsnip chowder. Paired with Martin House SeptemberFest.
  • 3rd course: Fried frisee salad with sage vinaigrette, grilled eggplant & cranberry compote. Paired with Revolver Mullet Cutter IPA.
  • 4th course: Jackfruit subzi with roasted squash & chickpea croquette. Paired with Community Trinity Tripel.
  • 5th course: Chia rice pudding with candied currants and cacao nibs. Paired with Lakewood Punkel.

All the fun starts at 7pm Wednesday January 8th. Tickets are $60pp (plus tax). Reservations are required and can be made on 214-824-7900 or with their staff in house.



  • Demetrius Bagley

    Sounds wonderful, thanks for posting about this. (NYC, get it together, yo!)

  • amee

    This looks like a beautiful menu! Thanks for sharing this. You’re always up to speed with the latest! I’ll certainly share this on my FB and twitter!