LYFE Kitchen to set up shop in Dallas


Carol Shih has the scoop on SideDish that LYFE Kitchen is slated to open a few locations in the Dallas area, and has an impressive array of vegan options available. You can guess with vegan celebrity chef Tal Ronnen having a hand at developing the menus that the vegan influence would be strong. A quick glance at their menu online shows numerous breakfast, lunch, and dinner options (many featuring Gardein products) – including vegan tofu/sausage/cheddar wraps, chick’n sandwiches, and more!

No opening dates set quite yet, but there’s a “coming soon” notice for a location in Plano. We’ll let you know as soon as we know more!

Exciting news!


  • Amee

    I tried Lyfe Kitchen in plano and loved it. A bit pricey but since it was our first outing after my delivery, it was worth it! I needed a break from cabin fever. :)