Cafe Elite in Plano – First Look

Recently, we checked out Cafe Elite – a new vegan restaurant that opened last week in Plano.

The menu included a few Asian favorites such as spring rolls, Lo Mein, and Pho. However, they also offered a much welcomed variety of other items such as Raw Pizzas, Sloppy Joes, burgers, and vegan chili.

The Chic’n Salad was a delightful spread of fresh mixed-greens topped with Gardein “chic’n” and accompanied by a delicate, yet flavorful house-made vinaigrette. The homemade Sloppy Joe was a heaping helping of ground “beef” and tangy sauces served on a light and fluffy bun that held up well to the “Joe.”

Cafe Elite also carries vegan desserts such as chocolate cake – not sampled on this visit, but we’ve heard other diners use many superlative phrases to describe it.

Cafe Elite is operated by followers of Supreme Master Ching Hai, so you can entertain and inform yourself with Supreme Master TV, playing on TVs in the front and rear of the restaurant. Perhaps the best description of the channel’s programming, delivered in a subtle and positive manner, is taken from their website:

People must realize that putting down that piece of meat, which is poisonous, is all they have to do to obtain peace on Earth, and to eliminate hunger for good, and to save the planet…

Keep in mind that patience is a virtue as they continue to work out opening kinks in their ordering/serving system. However, based on this first visit we’re excited to have this versatile vegan option on the north side of town.

Check them out and let us know what you think!

Cafe Elite
1501 Preston Rd No. 800
Plano, TX 75093
(469) 828-0607

  • Christina Bluford

    I LOVE Cafe Express. I’ve been there three times already. Love the food, although I hope they expand their menu in the near future! Everything I’ve had is awesomely delish and I never leave feeling weighed down with food, despite the fact that I stuff my face. Ha! The owners are soooo nice, too! They give me free samples all the time, and on my first visit they gave us a cup of their soup of the day to try on the house.

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  • I went there with Vanessa yesterday evening. I was pretty damn impressed with everything that we tried. The pho, “beef” vermicelli, and panini were all pretty fantastic. I was a little weirded out by the Supreme Master Ching Hai paraphernalia, but I agree with most of what SM Ching Hai says so it wasn’t too bad. Just not one for religious institutions I guess.

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  • Cafe Elite is fabulous. We have been 5 times in two weeks and having a restaurant where we do not have to worry about any item on the menu touching meat is beyond amazing. We love the pho and the American panini and vegan burger. I suggest trying the chocolate chip cookies if they are available. Service is always friendly. I am a total addict to Cafe Elite.

  • Maggie

    A group of 4 of us went to Cafe Elite last night for dinner. 2 Vegan and 2 curious not at all vegans. First thing that struck me about the menu was that nearly every item on it had a meat replacement. I guess it’s good to have a place like this, but it seems almost like vegan junk food. I only say that because there were no fresh vegetable plates, no rice and beans, no curries and no stews. They did have a black bean soup and some different salads but I think all of them had meat replacements. We did try the chocolate cake, and we all thought the frosting/icing left a lot to be desired. That being said - we will definitely go back and try it again. I had the chick’n quesadilla and it was quite good – but the guacamole that came with it was really outstanding. Another friend had the portabella wrap and loved it.