Whole Foods: Sweet Chili Soy Nuggets

Of all the faux-chicken products available, I have found my new favorite! The chefs at Whole Foods have outdone themselves with this mock chicken item available in the prepared foods area. The taste and texture are incredibly close to that of chicken (scary, almost)! They occasionally prepare a savory mushroom version of these soy nuggets (tasty, but a bit gelatinous–even reheated). If you have not tried these yet, do so NOW! According to the clerk, these soy nuggets have become so popular, they quickly sell out and are placed on back order for weeks!

  • Jamey

    sweet! i’ve seen those, but haven’t gotten around to trying them yet. I’ll have to try them next time. That’s become my new favorite lunch spot. They even had a vegan pizza by-the-slice the other day.

  • Eddie G

    The Mediterranean pizza, yeah? Good stuff! Do try the soy nuggets…SO GOOD!

  • Jenn

    That looks yummy. I’ll have to look out for it.

  • Tami (Vegan Appetite)

    I wonder if our WF makes these…I’m going to keep my eyes open. They look awesome!

  • Eddie G

    Hi Tami! Just FYI–A friend of mine said the soy nuggets are called “Vegan Chicken” at some Whole Foods Markets :)

  • Jen aka Jewbacca

    we don’t have a whole foods near me, i don’t think so anyway. that fake chix looks delish. i’m thinking chicken tikka masala.

  • HeatherBakes

    Oh, just what I need… ANOTHER reason to hit up Whole Foods :) Those look delicious. At which location did you find them?

  • Karen7243

    I know they are available at the new Whole Foods in Lakewood at Abrams and Gaston. And they WERE delicious!

  • Eddie G

    I got mine at the Lomo Alto WF–and they were OUT today :x

  • Jamey

    mmmm, just tried these today for lunch. they *were* quite tasty! beware of the “vegan” asparagus salad, I got it, and it had some cheese in it I didn’t notice before I bought.

  • Eddie G

    Thanks for the head-up, Jamey!

  • Jamey

    I ate my leftovers today, and I almost feel bad eating it, the texture is so close to chicken.

  • Eddie G

    My feelings EXACTLY when I first tried them! But I soon got over it :) In fact, one weekend I went on a WF Soy Nugget hunt all over Dallas! I kept texting my friend Erin (from Spiral) real-time reports during my hunt (we’re both addicted). In the end, no luck–but I did thank her for her emotional support while I acted like a crazy person :)

  • jack

    I saw- I tried – I'm hooked!
    I went back to WF in Tulsa today and had the girls behind the Deli lead me to the supply in the frozen food section. They only had 5, so that's all I got! They are made by Delight Foods NC. Their home page list products and mouth watering recipes – see http://delightsoy.com/
    Gotta go and figure out which one to make for zoo picnic with grandkids tomorrow!

  • Dough

    I gotta say, I have been hanging out at Whole Foods a lot more than usual, because I love those Soy Nuggets! As a non-meat eater, I am not looking for soy products that taste like meat, chicken, or fish, because I have no cravings for those flavors.

    I love the texture of the Nuggets, and the delicious mix of veggies and sauce. I was bummed today because they had no nuggets, but I brought home a container of their Kale Salad, which is delicious beyond description. So fresh, so good, and simple.

    Oh, if only I wasn’t so lazy, I could make these things myself. But as long as Whole Foods is in my hood, I’m good!