Get thee to pizza LOUNGE tomorrow night for Dallas Vegan Drinks

Dallas Vegan Drinks + pizza LOUNGE = ♥
Vegan Drinks has been in Dallas for eight months. Have you attended yet?

pizza LOUNGE has been in Dallas for six months. Have you visited yet?

If you answered no to either of these questions, kill two birds with one stone (probably not the most appropriate saying for a vegan blog, but you know what I mean…) and make plans NOW to get yourself to Dallas Vegan Drinks @ pizza LOUNGE in Deep Ellum tomorrow night (Thursday, 6/10).

pizza LOUNGE is exactly what Dallas needs more of – mainstream restaurants that “get it”. They have a great menu that anyone, vegan or otherwise, can enjoy, but also happen to have an awesome vegan selection and display it proudly.

Let’s show our appreciation and make this a heavily attended event. Invite your friends, family, veg*n or not to enjoy some great vegan pizza (and, as appropriate for this event, a great bar).
  • claire

    What time???

  • Jamey

    oops, sorry Claire – It's in the link, but I should have also listed it here.

    It's tonight from 6-8 pm, although there will probably be people there until later. Hope you can make it!

  • morningstar

    Hi, Jamey! Just found your blog by accident when I googled Dallas Vegan. I think we're going to try this place. What do you recommend?

  • Jamey

    Hey Morningstar! Glad you found the blog.

    All the toppings are pretty good – they have quite a bit of vegan toppings. I've been there tons of times and have never been disappointed.

    That being said, I think I had what so far as been the *best* pizza from there yet.

    It was the Daiya Vegan mozzarella, "Pepperoni", Tofurky Italian sausage, black olives, and mushrooms. It was fabulous. I would ask for light cheese, because in my opinion they put way too much on there.

    Let me know how you like it!