Sol’s Nieto Mexican Grill *The* Vegan Tex-Mex Destination?


In this economy, it seems almost a weekly occurrence that a retail store or restaurant closes its doors. As a way of combating these tough times, many restaurants are looking for ways to help increase their customer base (and cash flow). One such restaurant, Sol’s Nieto Mexican Grill on Mockingbird Lane, found potential in making a simple tweak of the menu to attract a completely new crowd they’d never even thought of.

After receiving a sample of Daiya vegan cheese (via Mercy For Animals’ Vegetarian Dining Campaign), management at this well-established family-owned restaurant took a chance and added it to the menu shortly thereafter. As a result, they’ve already experienced increased traffic as new customers call/visit to confirm that the rumors of vegan-friendly Tex-Mex are true.

As it turns out, Sol’s already offered many vegetarian options that could be made vegan by omitting the cheese. All beans (refried and borracho) as well as the rice contain none of the “usual suspects” (chicken stock and lard) as in most other Tex-Mex establishments. By IMG_2054adding Daiya vegan cheese (one of the hottest new vegan cheeses to hit the market), Sol’s positioned itself to become the vegan destination for Tex-Mex in the D/FW area.

So, what does that mean to Dallas vegans? Many foods that were previously a distant memory are now all of a sudden “back on the menu”. Things like…


Cheese & Veggie Quesadillas…



and Cheese Enchiladas…


and my favorite, Cheese & Veggie Chimichangas…


Sitting down to a gooey, cheesy plate of nachos and a frozen margarita on a patio is truly a Texas tradition (if not a religion). So much so that many long-time vegetarians thought they’d never be able to ditch dairy. By adding vegan cheese to the the Dallas Tex-Mex dining scene, Sol’s turns this into a “cruelty free” tradition available for everyone.

*UPDATE – 11/28/11*

Unfortunately, we’ve come to find out that Sol’s Nieto is now closed. We’ll keep you updated on any further updates.



Sol’s Nieto Mexican Grill
6434 East Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX
(214) 826-5564

  • greg

    Thanks for this wonderful information! Will be checking out Sol's for sure.

  • BigSis

    I'm checking it out too. How did we live before Daiya? I just made queso with it tonight.

  • nortoncommando

    Gonna be in Dallas for a week next month. Bookmarked your blog and noted Sol's for a must-visit!

    David in Houston

  • Jaime

    shutUP! now if they would only carry veg sour cream….. :)

  • Stephanie

    I live right down the street from Sol's! I'll definitely be visiting there now.

  • Monique a.k.a. Mo

    That looks amazing! Must remember to visit there when I get a chance.

  • Greg Allen

    This looks awesome! Can't wait to try it!