Dining listings!

Yes, there are already many (if not a billion) other restaurant listings out there, but this is the only one on DallasVegan.com!

Seriously – our goal for having our own listings is to hand pick restaurants we feel are (or are making an effort to be) truly relevant to the DFW vegan scene. Our philosophy on restaurant listings is this – there are tons of great chefs in the DFW area that serve up a vegan dish on most visits to their restaurant. However, we want to recognize those that have gone that extra mile to either:

  1. Clearly indicate on the menu a “vegan” section or the fact that they have “vegan modifications available”.
  2. Offer a completely vegan entree without modifications on the menu (even if it’s “accidentally vegan”).

This certainly limits the number of restaurants you will find in our listings, however, we hope that over time, more restaurants will see the benefits of offering more vegan options on their menus with the hope of appearing on our list. A note about the “how vegan are they” scale:

  • Vegan – restaurant is completely vegan.
  • Vegetarian – restaurant is completely vegetarian, with a good number of vegan-friendly options.
  • Vegan-Friendly – non-vegetarian, but offers meals specifically targeted to vegans.
  • Vegetarian-Friendly – non-vegetarian, but offers some vegetarian meals also suitable for vegans.